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NRA Refuse To Be A Victim

Requirements: None

Description : This course could be an intensive eight hour course or segments could be cut down to 90 minute segments taught individually. This course teaches conflict avoidance and how to make yourself a "hard target". RTBAV covers home protection, vehicle protection, even cyber crime protection. No defensive skills are taught in this course. Avoiding a confrontation through proper use of mindset and awareness are stressed.

NRA Basic Rifle

Requirements: All equipment is supplied for the student.

Discription: This is a fourteen hour basic course for anyone who is interested in the safe operation of a rifle in any caliber. Some of the many subjects covered in this course are: site adjustment, ammunition selection, position shooting, and even cleaning a rifle. All subjects are taught with a strong ephasis on the three rules of gun safety. Sections of this course are regularly used in the training of the local 4H shooting club. They have the #1 rifle team in Michigan for 2011, 2012, 2017 and 2018. It should be obvious that the fundamentals taught in this course are essential to any rifle shooter, hunter or competitive.

NRA Basic Shotgun

Requirements: All equipment is supplied for the student.

Description : This course is a minimum of ten hours. Some of the many subjects covered during this course are: Fit of shotgun, ammunition selection, types and uses of shotguns, and fundementals of shotgun shooting. All topics will be presented with a strong emphasis on the three rules of gun safety. Also covered are many kinds of shotgun competition: trap, skeet, sporting clays, five stand... This is a great entry level course for beginners or for experienced shooters looking to bring their skills to the next level.

NRA Basic Pistol Phase 2

Requirements: None. All equipment will be provided

Description : This course is the "hands on" range time for the NRA Basic Pistol Course. Students must first take the online course with the NRA and then coordinate time with an instructor to do the live fire training. This course changed in 2016 and all classroom training is now done online with the NRA. Some of the many subjects covered are: fundamentals of pistol shooting, ammunition selection, position shooting, and even cleaning a handgun. The range time for hands on will take about five hours. This course is a must for those looking to purchase their first firearm.  

NRA Personal Protection In The Home

Otherwise Known As: CPL Course

Requirements: Handgun with 100 rounds of ammunition. Rental equipment is available for those that may need any gear. Hearing and eye protection is required and available free of charge.

Cost: $125.00 per person. $20.00 additional if rental firearm is needed.

Description : This course meets the Michigan requirement for a Concealed Pistol License (CPL). This course also far exceeds what Wisconsin is requiring at this time. This is an eight hour course with five hours of classroom instruction and three hours of range time. Each shooter will fire 100 rounds of ammunition. Covered in this course are: mindset, awareness, conflict avoidance, use of deadly force, selection of ammunition, selection of handgun, and various shooting techniques.

NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home

Requirements: PPITH is a pre-requisite for this course. Handgun with 350 rounds of ammunition, strong side hip holster, three magazines, and cover garment. Hearing and eye protection is required. Appropriate clothing for the weather is required. We shoot rain or shine.

Cost: $150.00 per person. Lunch is supplied on the range.

Description : This course is 14 hours in length. Day one consists of 5 hours of classroom, much like that covered in Personal Protection In The Home. Holster selection is an additional subject to be covered. Day two is an additional 350 rounds of shooting. Shooters will engage targets from various platforms using mulriple techniques. Turning left, turning right, kneeling, seated, advancing, retreating, even low light and long distance shooting with the pistol is covered in detail. This course was listed as one of two courses that would meet the requirements for the proposed "enhanced" CPL.

NRA Defensive Pistol

Requirements: Handgun with 300 rounds of ammunition, strong side hip holster, three magazines, mag pouch, eye and ear protection

Cost: $150.00 per person. Lunch is supplied on the range.

Description : This is the most advanced pistol course that the National Rifle Association has at this time. Personal Protection Outside the Home is a pre-requisite for this course. This is the only NRA course that is taught with a timer. This course is a qualifier course. The test at the end is a test of your shooting skills. There is no guaranteed certificate at the end of this course. All shots on target in the allowed time in order to pass this course. Shooters learn speed and tactical reloads, precision and speed from the holster, and clearing firearms malfunctions. This course is one of two listed that would meet the requirements for the proposed "enhanced" CPL. Bullseyes staff employs one of only three instructors in the State of Michigan certified to teach this course.

National Rifle Association Instructor Training

Requirements: Knowledge of firearms, No criminal record.

Description: Bullseyes to Badguys has the capability to certify instructors in every discipline that we are certified to teach students in. We have trained instructors from both ends of the Upper Peninsula and many from Downstate Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. NRA Basic Pistol and Personal Protection In The Home instructors are taught yearly, with NRA Rifle and NRA Shotgun alternating every other year. Should your organization be in need of certified instructors please contact Bullseyes with your request and we may be able to come to you. Training times vary from 20 hours and higher per NRA Standards. 

Introduction To Competitive Shooting

Requirements: Handgun, 100 rounds of ammunition, three magazines, holster, eye and ear protection

Description : This two hour course is designed to take a starting shooter and train them in the rules and regulations to compete in IDPA, IPSC, ICORE, or any of the other competions for handguns. Safety procedures are covered such as the safety area and the 180 rule. Gear selection will be covered along with rules of each individual event. Also covered during this course is scoring and techniques to improve a shooters score. This is a great entry level class for any handgun owner looking to improve their skills and gain knowledge before joining a local league and practicing regularly.

Mastering the Revolver for Defense and Competition

Requirements: Revolver, holster, speed loaders, and 350 rounds of ammunition.

Description: With many people choosing to carry a revolver as a defensive tool, Bullseyes designed a course to show the proper uses and techniques involved with the traditional "Wheel Gun". Focus is placed on the many differences between the Semi-Automatic Pistol and the Revolver. Some of the many topics covered are the difference in trigger control, emergency reloads and tactical reloads. Anyone who carried a revolver for self-defense because of the "simplicity" owes it to themselves to attend this course and learn how to use their tool to maximum capability.

Tactical Defensive Shotgun

Requirements: 12 or 20 gauge shotgun with sling, 150 rounds birdshot, 50 rounds buckshot, 10 rounds slug

Cost: $200 per person.

Description: This course is designed to show the many uses and limitations of the tactical shotgun. Paterning, speed and tactical reloads, and round selection drills are taught. An emphasis is placed on moving while shooting and keeping the shotgun loaded while preforming multiple tasks.

Massad Ayoob Group, Defensive Rifle Level 1

Requirements: AR15 rifle, 500 rounds of ammunition, three magazines, magazine pouches, valid CPL

Cost: $200.00 per person. Lunch will be supplied on the range.

Description: Ten hours of instruction on the AR15 platform. The morning starts with proper names of all parts, loading, unloading, and clearing malfunction drills. Aimpoint, EOTech, magnification, and even iron sites are covered in detail. Shooting from the prone, kneeling, standing, and while on the move are explained, demonstrated, and then enhanced to each individual shooter. This course is a must for anyone that owns the "Black Rifle" and would like to use it to its full portential. 

Massad Ayoob Group MAG 20-Live Fire

Requirements: Handgun, 600 rounds of ammunition, strong side hip holster, three magazines, and weather specific clothing, Valid CPL

Cost: $400.00 per person for both days.

Description : This is the live fire portion of the Massad Ayoob Group MAG 40 course. This is a high speed course not intended for beginners. This course is spread out over two days. Shooters will have four hours of classroom instruction before moving to the range. Once on the range, shooters will learn to shoot fast and accurate. Speed reloads, multiple targets, and speed from the holster are some of the many subjects covered in this course. Be ready to be challenged and pushed to the next level. Certificates from this course are sent and signed by Massad Ayoob himself. 

TASER Training

Requirements: Valid Cocealed Pistol/Weapons License

Cost: $50.00 per person.

Description: This one hour course meets the requirements for civilians to legally carry a Taser International product in the State of Michigan. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE TASED IN THIS COURSE. Topics covered are: Electronic Control Device (ECD) functions and features, legal aspects of ECD use and carry, techniques from remote deploy to drive stun... For those that can or will not carry a lethal option, the Taser may be for you.

Hunter Safety for Michigan

Requirements: None. Open to all ages

Cost: There is no charge for this training.

Description : We offer the field day certification for any student who has taken the online course. This field day takes a minimum of four hours. The student must show a valid certificate from the online course to enroll in the field day. When enough students are accumulated a date for a field day will be set.

For any courses that are not listed here please contact one of our instructors to see if we offer that course or a simlar course to the one you are interested in taking.