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Wh​at is Bullseyes To Badguys?

Bulleyes to Badguys is the areas premier firearms training group. Bullseyes instructors provide firearms safety training in various disiplines to many different organizations, groups, and individuals. Instructors also provide instruction in advanced techniques for those that are ready to go to the next level with their shooting. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4H, United States Coast Gaurd, and various school districts and churches are just some of the examples of organizations that have turned to Bullseyes to Badguys for training.  

Since 2005 Bullseyes has provided instruction for over 7,500 shooters to obtain their Michigan and Wisconsin Concealed Pistol License (CPL). During that time Bullseyes has also trained hundreds of shooters in the Rifle and Shotgun discipline. Bullseyes has trained over 500 new NRA instructors in various disciplines. Instructors for Bullseyes have been featured on local radio stations, newspapers, WLUK TV6, Fox News Detroit, and the British Broadcasting Company (BBC). Instructors have been asked to present at meetings for neighborhood watch, school boards, Golden K's, Zonta, Rotary, various political meetings, and numerous American for Constitutional Enforcement meetings. Lead Instructor Anthony Erickson has participated at hearings for past students to include providing testimony that led to the conviction for the murder of one of Bullseyes former students.

The Instructors with Bullseyes are hand picked. Each instructor has a specific talent that was needed for the team. Left handed shooter, large caliber expert, shotgun expert, prior military... Each instructor was recruited for their various skills in order to make a well rounded team. Each instructor regularly attends additional training to keep their skills top notch. Every instructor must pass the NRA Defensive Pistol qualifier yearly to stay current. NRA Defensive Pistol is the most advanced course the NRA has to offer and is the only course that is run with a timer for speed. Bullseyes currently employs the only instructors certified to teach the Defensive Pistol Module in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and only one of three in the entire State of Michigan. Each Bullseyes instructors is also a competitive shooter with many qualifying for Master or "A" class. 

Bullseyes training consists of three prongs. First is the MINDSET. The determination to win. Survival is simply not good enough. The resolve to finish the confrontation or competition on your terms is desired. Second is TACTICS. Being able to win with the least amount of effort is the sign of proper planning. Putting yourself in the position of advantage can provide great psychological leverage or deter the event altogether. Third is the TOOLS. Not only tools but the skill with them. The gun in your holster is not a magic talisman that wards off all evil. The right tool (pistol, rifle, shotgun, taser, OC spray) and the proper training to use it most effectively is what we strive for. Any one of the three without the others still put you at a disadvantage. Any two of the three and you have a chance. When your life is on the line, you deserve more than a chance. With all three you are a defensive force that cries, "Find an easier target!"